Duplicating page versions

Duplicate a page version to create a new page version with the same layout.

You can duplicate a page version if you want to use an existing page version to create one with the same or a similar layout.

For example, if you want to edit a live page version without publishing accidental changes, you can duplicate the live page version, edit the duplicate, and then publish it. A page version can be duplicated when it is in any status and as many times as you want.

Duplicate a page version

  1. From the Studio home page or from the left menu, go to Site builder.

  2. Use the page folder list and the status sections to navigate to the page version to be duplicated.

  3. Hold the pointer over the page version, then click the More icon.

  4. Select Duplicate: the Duplicate page version dialog opens.

    The Page version name is the only setting that is duplicated, the others must be set from scratch.

    The Duplicate page version dialog with fields to set the duplicate page version settings

  5. In the Page version name field, enter the name of the duplicate page version. Make sure to choose a relevant name so that it will be easy to find the page version in the future.

  6. To display the page version for specific locales only, select the locale(s) from the Locale drop-down: the page version will be visible for all selected locales. Otherwise, leave the Locale field empty.

    The Locale drop-down is displayed only for projects with more than one locale.

  7. To handle advanced filtering based on locale, enter a FECL expression in the Custom field. For example, to display the page version for all locales except de_CH, enter locale != "de_CH".

  8. To make the page version the default, select the checkbox.

  9. Click Save: the page version is saved in the Draft section.

  10. If you want to edit the page version, hold the pointer over it and click the Edit icon: the page builder opens.