Dynamic pages overview

You can use dynamic pages to manage the pages on your website whose content changes based on the parameters in the URL.

Dynamic page examples

An example of a dynamic page for a commerce website is a product details page, which is accessible by selecting any product and has a specific layout but displays different data depending on the product that the customer selected.

Another example of a dynamic page is a cart page, which is accessible from several places on your website and has a specific layout. Still, its content varies based on the items that the customer added.

Creating and configuring dynamic pages

Your development team is in charge of creating dynamic pages by creating a dynamic page schema and uploading it to the Studio. For further information, see Main development concepts and Developing a dynamic page extension.

Once the dynamic page schema has been uploaded to the Studio, the newly created dynamic page will be visible in the Dynamic pages area, like in the following image.

A list of available dynamic pages in the Dynamic pages area

To define how dynamic pages appear on your website, you must then create page versions for them from the Studio. This is because it's page versions that contain the actual layout of the pages.

To render on your website a page version associated with a dynamic page, your development team must add the dynamic page to the dynamic-page-handler when creating the dynamic page. Otherwise, the page version will not be visible.

Dynamic page rules

For your dynamic pages, you can also set dynamic page rules to display a specific page version if the rule's criteria are met. For the same dynamic page, you can create both a default page version and page versions depending on dynamic page rules.

For example, for a product details page, you can create a default page version with a generic layout and a page version with a special offer layout that appears if the selected product is under 10 Euros. For further information, see Page rule criteria builder.

If, for the same dynamic page, you set different dynamic page rules with the related page versions and an item matches the criteria of multiple rules, it is not possible to determine which page version displays on your website.

Linking to dynamic pages

The links from static pages (created from the Site builder area) to dynamic pages must be created in your project's code, it is not possible to create the links from the Studio. For example, if you want to add a link from your home page to a product details page, you cannot do it from the Studio.