Using components

You can use Components to add new Frontend components and access those that have already been added to your project.

Click Components on the dashboard to open the components area. Once open, you'll find a list of all the available Frontend components.

Search components

You can use the search field to find a specific Frontend component, or you can scroll through the list.

The Components area with the Upload schema and Create schema buttons

If you click a Frontend component, you'll open a panel on the right of your screen where you can find information about that particular Frontend component. For example, which environments it's available in, its name, icon, and category, as well as the pages that the Frontend component is used on. You can also click the Edit schema button to open the schema editor and see what's in that schema.

Component schema details pane with general settings expanded

Add a Frontend component schema

To add a Frontend component schema, open the schema editor by executing one of the following actions:

  • Click Create schema to create a Frontend component schema from scratch.
  • Click Upload schema to upload a JSON file with a Frontend component schema you created.
  • Drag to the page one or multiple JSON files with Frontend component schemas you created.

For more information on creating Frontend components, see Creating a Frontend component.