Page versions

Page versions are the pages visible to end users. Page versions may have different statuses, different layouts, and they can be displayed only for specific locales.

Create a page version

To create a page version follow these steps:

  1. From the studio home page or from the left menu, go to Site builder.

  2. From the page folder list, select the page folder where you want to create the page version.

    Page versions cannot be moved between page folders. Make sure to select the right page folder before creating a page version.

  3. Click New, then select Create page version: the Create page version dialog opens.

  4. In the Page version name field, enter the name of the page version. Make sure to choose a relevant name so that it will be easy to find the page version in the future.

The Create page version dialog with fields to set page version settings

  1. From the Layout drop-down, select a layout or a page template.

  2. To display the page version for specific locales only, select the locale(s) from the Locale drop-down: the page version will be visible for all selected locales. Otherwise, leave the Locale field empty.

    To handle advanced filtering based on locale, enter a FECL expression in the Custom field.
    For example, to display the page version for all locales except de_CH, enter locale != "de_CH".
    From the Custom field, it is not possible to handle advanced filtering by host since filtering by host is a legacy feature. It is only supported for the previous version of the product (Frontastic), not for commercetools Frontend.

  3. To make the page version the default, select the checkbox.

  4. Click Save: the page builder opens.

  5. Click the back arrow to return to Site builder, you can find the page version in the Draft section.

Manage a page version

To manage a page version, hold the pointer over it. The following icons are displayed:

The Site builder interface with a page version and related buttons to manage it highlighted

Edit a page version

To edit a page version, click the Edit icon. The page builder opens, where you can edit the page version.

More options

To perform other management actions, click the More icon. The following options are displayed:

  • Settings: opens the Page version settings dialog where you can edit the page version settings such as name and locale.

  • Duplicate: opens the Duplicate page version dialog where you can edit the page version settings to create a copy of the page version.

  • Schedule: opens the Schedule page version dialog where you can schedule the publishing of the page version.

  • Make live: publishes the page version.

    After clicking Make live, the page version is immediately visible to the end users.

  • Make default: makes the page version default and moves it to the Default section.

  • Archive: archives the page version and moves it to the Archive section.

  • Delete: opens the Delete page version? dialog where you can delete the page version.

  • Version history: opens the Version history dialog where you can see which users have performed actions on the page version and when.

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