Apply your learning

Use your understanding of Product Discounts in Composable Commerce to help set up a common promotion strategy.

  • After completing this page, you should be able to:

    • Use Product Discounts and Predicates correctly in a common ecommerce scenario.
  • Shoes for Feet

    Shoes for Feet is approaching their annual End of Summer Sale and has given you, their merchandising manager, the task of setting up their sale conditions in Composable Commerce. Their requirements are the following:

    • A two-week long End of Summer sale.
    • A 25% off discount during the first week of the sale, and a 50% off discount during the second week.
    • Discounts should be applied across the whole of last season’s catalog, but not on new season stock.
    • Sale items should appear with a strikethrough price on the landing page.
    • In addition, a special two-week Clearance sale discount of 70% across items that need to be cleared from inventory.

    Review the questions below and make the relevant decisions necessary to be able to set up this promotion.


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