Integrate Okta with the Merchant Center

This guide takes you through the first steps of registering the Merchant Center with Okta before you can configure SSO in the Merchant Center.


To be able to integrate applications, you must have an Okta account with an Admin role.

Register the Merchant Center in Okta

  1. Sign in to the Okta administrator console using {yourOktaOrg}

  2. Go to Applications > Applications, and then click Create App Integration.

  3. In the Create a new app integration dialog, do the following:

    • For Sign-in method, select OIDC - OpenID Connect.
    • For Application type, select Single-Page Application.
  4. Click Next.

  5. On the New Single-Page App Integration page, do the following:

    • For App integration name, enter the name of the application.
    • For Grant type, select the Implicit (hybrid) checkbox and clear the Authorization Code checkbox.
    • For Sign-in redirect URIs, enter https://mc.{region}
      For more information on Regions, see Regions.
    • Clear the sign-out redirect URI applied by default.
    • For Controlled access, do the following:
      • If no groups are present to assign users, select Skip group assignment for now to create a group later (under Directory > Groups) and manually assign users to the group.
      • If a group is already present to assign users to, select Limit access to selected groups and assign users to any of those groups.
  6. Click Save.

  7. Copy the Client ID from the new application window.


  8. Copy the OpenID Discovery endpoint in the format: https://{yourOktaOrg}

Next steps

As the next step, you must configure SSO in the Merchant Center to allow your organization's users log in to the Merchant Center using SSO.