Hosts and authorization

See the supported regions and required scopes of commercetools Connect.


The Connect API has different hosts from Composable Commerce HTTP API hosts. You can access the Connect API at the following URLs:

Europe (Google Cloud, Belgium)
North America (Google Cloud, Iowa)
Australia (Google Cloud, Sydney)

If documentation refers to https://connect.{region}, you should use the respective API URL of the Region that hosts your Composable Commerce Project.

The Connect API is only available in Google Cloud Regions.


The Connect API uses tokens from Composable Commerce HTTP API authorization flows with the following scopes.

ScopePermission granted
manage_project:{projectKey}Use all Connect API endpoints. You can use more selective permissions when accessing individual API endpoints.
view_connectors:{projectKey}View Connectors allowed for a Project.
manage_connectors:{projectKey}View, create, modify, and delete Connectors within your scope. Implies the view_connectors:{projectKey} scope.
view_connectors_deployments:{projectKey}View Deployments in a Project.
manage_connectors_deployments:{projectKey}View, create, modify, and delete Deployments in a Project. Implies the view_connectors_deployments:{projectKey} scope.