Supported runtimes

Learn what languages and runtimes support creating Connect applications.


Connect supports JavaScript or TypeScript that runs on the following Node.js runtimes:

ReleaseStatusActive LTS StartMaintenance LTS startEnd of Life
v18Active LTS2022-10-252023-10-182025-04-30
v16Maintenance LTS2021-10-262022-10-182023-09-11

Package managers

Node projects are built (including postDeploy, preUndeploy) with either Yarn or npm. If a yarn.lock file is present in the root of your repository then Yarn is used for installing dependencies and running scripts. If not, then npm is used.


It is currently recommended to create Connect applications using JavaScript or TypeScript. For more information about creating Connect applications with Java, contact the Connect support team.

Connect supports Java LTS release versions. Java 17 (LTS) is preferred and should be used to support Spring Boot 3:

ReleaseActive LTS StartExtended Support UntilSpring boot support
17 (LTS)2021-092029-093.x
11 (LTS)2018-092026-092.7.x

Build automation tools

Java projects are built (including postDeploy, preUndeploy) with Maven.

A pom.xml file is required to build the application.