Getting started with commercetools Composable Commerce

The commercetools Composable Commerce getting started guide provides an easy-to-follow pathway for you to learn how to manage Projects.

After following this guide, you should feel confident creating, editing, and managing entities using the Composable Commerce API.

You will also learn about other methods of interacting with your Project, such as the Merchant Center, GraphQL, and SDKs.

Not signed up yet?

Before you can get started, you need access to a Project (which contains your Product data and Store settings) and the Merchant Center (a web-based administration application for Projects).

A 60-day Free Trial provides complete access to all the capabilities of commercetools Composable Commerce.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up for a trial Project and to get access to the Merchant Center. If you have not signed up yet, follow our initial setup guide now.

Get started now

Once your Project is set up, you can get started based on whether you are developing software solutions on commercetools Composable Commerce, or managing a Project from the Merchant Center.

  • Developer guide

    Follow this step-by-step guide to get started managing your Project using the Composable Commerce API.

  • Merchant Center guide

    Learn how to manage your Project using the Merchant Center web interface.