Next steps

What to do after getting started

After reading this getting started guide you should be well placed to start exploring what is possible with commercetools Composable Commerce.

This page also contains information and links to further resources that will allow you to take your next steps with commercetools.

Read tutorials

Composable Commerce provides various tutorials that provide examples and walkthroughs for various subjects and features.

Consult the API reference

The heart of Composable Commerce is the HTTP API. You can continue learning about its capabilities and view the full specification of endpoints by consulting the HTTP API reference.

If you want to continue exploring the potential of using GraphQL with your Project, read more at GraphQL API.

Learn about limits and best practices

To achieve the best results with commercetools Composable Commerce, consider the limits in place for your Project and our performance tips.

Get support

If you encounter problems or issues using the Merchant Center, APIs, or any other aspect of commercetools Composable Commerce, you can reach out to us by contacting Composable Commerce support.

If you are curious about the current status of the commercetools services, this information is available on our status page.

Other tools

Based on your organization and requirements, the following tools may be beneficial for you to achieve your goals with commercetools.

Code-free API exploration with Postman collections

If you are familiar with Postman, there are collections for using the Composable Commerce APIs.

These collections help you explore all the available API endpoints and provide a comprehensive overview of how the APIs and other services operate.

For more information, visit our Postman collections page.

Build a test frontend

Composable Commerce is a headless solution and is intended to either be used with your frontend or by integrating with commercetools Frontend.

The commercetools Frontend Store Launchpad for B2C Retail was designed to showcase the features and functionality of Composable Commerce and Frontend. You can use the Store Launchpad for B2C Retail as a starting point for developing your B2C commerce frontend.

Integrate with other commerce solutions

commercetools provides an Integration Marketplace that includes ready-made integrations and extensions from leading providers of frontends, order management, search, payment processing, shipping, and more.

Read our blog

Stay up-to-date with recent happenings at commercetools by following our Tech Blog.