Explore the Merchant Center

Learn how to get up and running with the Merchant Center.

The Merchant Center is a customizable web interface designed to streamline your daily operations in managing a Project. In addition to providing a set of tools to manage your Products, Product Types, Discounts, Orders, Categories, Customers, and other entities, the Merchant Center offers functions such as configurable forms and batch processing that help in completing your daily tasks with ease.

To help you get started, the Merchant Center provides a comprehensive set of sample data when you create a Project. This is a great way for you to explore Composable Commerce's features without the need to include your own data—saving you time and effort. You can choose between the B2C: Lifestyle and Home or B2B: Heavy Machinery sample data, each designed to showcase Composable Commerce's capabilities in catering to distinct commerce scenarios. Using the Merchant Center, you can experiment by customizing this data to understand how to adapt Composable Commerce to your business requirements.