Set up your Project

Sign up and create your Project

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to sign up for a 60-day Free Trial of commercetools Composable Commerce and then help you create your first Project.

Sign up for your Free Trial

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your details, read and agree to the 60 Days Trial Agreement and Privacy Policy, and click Start Free Trial.

  3. You will receive an email invitation to signup for a Merchant Center account.

    The Merchant Center is a business tool designed to help you create and manage individual Projects within Composable Commerce.
  4. Click the signup button in the email.

    The email sent for new users to sign up

If you do not receive your email invitation, you should:

  • Check your spam/bulk folder.
  • Sign up using a personal email address, as your company may have strict policies that block these emails.

Create a Merchant Center account

Next, the Welcome to the Merchant Center page opens and displays the Email, First name, and Last name that you previously entered.

Select your Role, enter a valid Password, then click Create account.

Creating a commercetools trial account

Create a Project

Next, it's time to configure and create your Project.

  1. Select an option:

    • To use your own data in your Project, select Start from scratch.

    • To include sample data in your Project, select Start with sample data. The sample data provides you with product data and store configuration settings to help you understand how everything fits together.

      The sample data shows one potential way to model your Project structure. Depending on your use case and requirements, you can model your Project differently.

      For more information, see our Composable Commerce Administrator learning modules.

    Selecting a Project type

  2. Click Continue.

  3. Enter your Organization name, Project name, and Project key.

    Organizations help in managing Projects. You can learn more about Organizations here.

    The Project key must be universally unique. If a Project with this key already exists you must choose another key.

    Creating a new Project

  4. Click Continue.

  5. Your Project is created. Click Complete.

    Confirmation of Project being created

  6. Your Composable Commerce trial account and Project are now ready to use!

    Welcome to the Merchant Center

Next steps

  • Developer getting started

    If you are a developer, continue your getting started journey by setting up your API Client.

  • Continue with Merchant Center

    Learn how to manage your Project with the Merchant Center web interface.