Connect Releases

Improvements to Connector publishing and deployment

5 September 2023

The following improvements are now available for publishing and deployment of Connectors:

  • When creating a production-ready or previewable Connector, you can now view errors and warnings about the release process using the publishingReport and previewableReport fields on ConnectorStaged.
  • Errors and warnings are now available during the Deployment build process. This provides you with feedback regarding Connector development and highlights any issues that arise during deployment.
  • You can now include a link to documentation and support channels within your Connector. By adding these links you can assist clients when they are deploying your Connector.
  • You can now publish a private or public Connector to production with the Publish update action. This action replaces the Trigger Certification Process update action and allows that private connectors do not need certification. This improves flexibility for in-house Connector development and deployment.
  • You can now deploy Connectors partially. This lets clients choose which Connect applications within a Connector they want to deploy.


Added support for Deployment Logs when deploying previewable Connectors

10 August 2023

You can now view the Deployment Logs of Deployments made using Connectors with previewable status. This change allows you to receive important feedback when testing and evaluating in-development Connectors.

Launching commercetools Connect

28 June 2023

We are launching commercetools Connect in public beta. With Connect, you gain access to a managed execution environment and infrastructure provided by commercetools for running integrations.

You can develop your own Connect applications, or take advantage of pre-built, certified integrations that simplify processes, reduce operational costs, and minimize implementation time by launching and installing the integration.

Connect provides the following features:

  • You can create Connect applications, and they can be restricted to defined Projects or made universally available to all Projects.
  • Connect applications are certified to ensure functionality, security, and compatibility with commercetools Composable Commerce.
  • Connect provisions the infrastructure and runtime environment for running integrations. You do not need to maintain dedicated cloud infrastructure for hosting integrations.
  • From configuration to certification and deployment, all aspects of Connect are managed through the Connect API.

To learn more about Connect, check the following links:

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