Apply your learning

Use your understanding of extensibility to help an online shop choose the right features in Composable Commerce to meet their custom needs.

  • After completing this page, you should be able to:

    • Distinguish between the different types of extensibility options that are available in Composable Commerce.
  • The Fruity Shop

    The Fruity Shop is an online service that sends weekly fresh fruit baskets to its subscribed customers. The service is available in two packages: basic and advanced. In the advanced package, customers can define a list of fruit preferences. This allows the supplier to fetch the fruit on demand and offer a more competitive price.

    A customer can only place a custom order of fruits if they are in the advanced package. A customer in the basic package cannot place an order directly. Basic package orders are processed automatically by the application.

    In the questions below, you will need to select the best extensibility option for a set of different use cases. Each question has only one correct solution. Feel free to go back to previous pages for help in identifying the best extensibility solution.

    Which is the best option?


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