Apply your learning

In this knowledge check, use your understanding of Organizations, Teams, Users, and Projects to set up a proof-of-concept environment in Composable Commerce.

  • After completing this page, you should be able to:

    • Set up a proof-of-concept environment with Composable Commerce.
  • Now that we have covered the learning material in this module, it's time to put that knowledge to work. Read through the scenario below and apply your knowledge to the quiz question.

    Creating a proof-of-concept environment

    You may remember that we previously mentioned some situations where you might want to use Composable Commerce. To remind you:

    • You might be setting up a new ecommerce project for your company or client and need to create various organizational or project structures.
    • You may be in charge of setting up a proof-of-concept for your company and if Composable Commerce is indeed the right solution.
    • You may be tasked with setting commercetools up within your company and needing to onboard other staff in setting up their own projects or environments within Composable Commerce.
    • You may be a developer who wants to explore Composable Commerce further.

    Let’s look at the proof-of-concept scenario in a little more detail and think through how this might play out.

    Imagine management has given you the task of investigating whether or not Composable Commerce is the right fit for your company’s ecommerce evolution. You think that the best way for you to really understand whether it’s the right fit or not is to actually start playing around with Composable Commerce. After reading through the getting started guide, and this module, you decide to set up a proof-of-concept environment for your company.

    What would be the best way for you to set up this Project?


    Great job at finishing the Organizations, Teams, and Projects module. You covered a lot of ground and should feel proud!

    Where to next? Well, there were a lot of links in the module to Composable Commerce documentation resources, which you may have skipped over. We would recommend reviewing these if you haven't already. We have collected all of the links we covered in the module in the section below for you. You don't have to read all of these now, but it would be good to bookmark them and come back to it later.

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