Build commerce applications with .NET.

The .NET SDK (also referred to as the .NET v2 SDK) enables you to use domain-specific classes and methods to interact with Composable Commerce APIs rather than using plain HTTP calls.

The .NET SDK is autogenerated using our open-source code generator to provide faster releases of new features and bug fixes.

Get started

Learn how to set up and use the .NET SDK with our get started guide.

Refer to our integration tests for examples of creating, querying, updating, and deleting resources in your Composable Commerce Project.

The .NET SDK is fully open source and is available on GitHub under the Apache License, where you can also find its release notes. The full .NET SDK reference can also be found on GitHub.

Migration from v1

Learn how to migrate to the .NET SDK by following our guide on GitHub

Best practices and error handling

  • Ensure the .NET SDK is up to date.
  • Read the documentation carefully to correctly and properly implement or integrate the SDK.
  • Report issues at the GitHub repository as soon as they are noticed.
  • If you encounter an issue that is urgent or critical for your business, create a support request at the commercetools support portal.
  • Provide as many details as possible with your issue reports, including the SDK version, the specific error message, any log or stack traces, and the code snippet that causes the issue.

Demo application

Demo Application with checkout example