Monitor and observe your SDK with OpenTelemetry.

OpenTelemetry is an observability framework and toolkit designed to create and manage telemetry data such as traces, metrics, and logs. You can use OpenTelemetry with a wide range of observability backends, including open-source tools like Jaeger and Prometheus.

Java SDK


  • OpenTelemetry automatic instrumentation agent configured

Include OpenTelemetry monitoring in the Java SDK

The OpenTelemetry agent supports the CompletableFutures and HTTP clients used by the Java SDK, so every API call can be traced by OpenTelemetry without extra configuration in the SDK Client.

For an example of integrating OpenTelemetry with the Java SDK, refer to the spring-otel example application.

The commercetools-monitoring-opentelemetry module includes telemetry middleware for monitoring request execution and response times, alongside counters for requests and errors. In addition, the ResponseSerializer tracks the time taken to serialize and deserialize JSON payloads.

Create a Java SDK client with telemetry middlewareJava
new OpenTelemetryResponseSerializer(
new OpenTelemetryMiddleware(GlobalOpenTelemetry.get())

The corresponding metric would be displayed as follows in Prometheus:

Prometheus metrics



  • OpenTelemetry instrumentation agent for NuGet configured

Include OpenTelemetry monitoring in the .NET SDK

The .NET SDK is fully compatible with OpenTelemetry for tracing async methods and HTTP client communications without additional configuration.

The example Me Endpoint Checkout App is preconfigured to export traces and metrics to the command-line. Using the application config file these can be exported to an OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP) endpoint.

Using the OpenTelemetry collector

For testing purposes, we provide a OpenTelemetry Collector setup with Docker. It includes an OpenTelemetry collector, a Jaeger UI, Prometheus, Grafana, New Relic, Dynatrace, and Datadog as export targets. Every commercetools SDK supports the OpenTelemetry Collector.

Traces in the Jaegar UI

Trace tags in Jaegar

Exporting to third-party observability tools

New Relic

To export to New Relic, do the following:

  1. Add your New Relic license key to the .env file.
  2. Uncomment the New Relic command in the docker-compose.yml file.


To export to Dynatrace, do the following:

  1. Add your Dynatrace OTLP endpoint and API token to the .env file.
  2. Uncomment the Dynatrace command in the docker-compose.yml file.


To export to Datadog, do the following:

  1. Add DATADOG_API_KEY to the .env file.
  2. Update the DATADOG_SITE variable if you are not using the EU1 Datadog site.
  3. Uncomment the Datadog command in the docker-compose.yml file.