A User represents a person who will create and maintain the data in your Composable Commerce Project.

  • After completing this page, you should be able to:

    • Describe what a User in Composable Commerce is.
    • Create Users for your own Project.
  • Users are the people creating and maintaining your Project data. For example, they are your developers, testers, managers, devops personnel, marketers, customer service, and product people who create and maintain all of the data within each Project.


    • represent individuals within Composable Commerce Regions.
    • are represented by a User account in Composable Commerce.
    • can be assigned to one or multiple Teams.

    The difference between a User and a Customer

    Users should not be confused with your end Customers. Users in the Merchant Center are distinct from and different than Customers. Customers are the end users who use a front end application, web shop, or mobile app to put Products into Carts and create Orders from their Carts - these are the ones that you want to sell things to. Merchant Center Users are generally members of your various business teams. They are business and technical users who use the Merchant Center to:

    • Create and configure Projects.
    • Maintain the Product Catalog.
    • Create Discounts.
    • Provide customer service.
    • As well as other tasks.

    How can you create a User?

    Three different ways to create a User in Composable Commerce exist.

    • Create a User account on your own.
    • Ask to be added to an existing Organization.
    • Be invited to a Team within an Organization.

    Creating a User account

    If no Composable Commerce Organization has been created so far, the first step for you is to create a Trial account. Besides answering some general questions in the form you need to decide the cloud region you want to work in. Composable Commerce is available in a number of cloud Regions from different cloud providers. Choose the Region where you want to offer your services.

    When you get an email response to your signup, just click the link.

    The system will create an Organization for you, and an administrators Team and assign you to it.

    To reach the Merchant Center in the European region of Google Cloud Provider (GCP), the URL would be This is also the default, so just would work as well.

    Find more information in Set up your Project.

    Joining an existing Organization

    To join an existing Organization, see the directions here.

    Accepting an invitation to a Team in an existing Organization

    If you've gotten an email inviting you to a Team within a specific Organization, just click the link in the email. Your User account will be created in the Region the Team's Organization is located in and you will be assigned to that Team.

    Single Sign-On

    You may also use Single Sign-on to manage User authentication to the Merchant Center. Many commonly used identity providers are supported, see info here.

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