Create MC App

The easiest way to get started with customizations is by using create-mc-app. This CLI tool helps you build a new customization with the recommended configuration.

To get started, use one of the following commands, depending on your customization type:

For Custom Applications:

Create new Custom Application from the starter templateTerminal
npx @commercetools-frontend/create-mc-app@latest \
my-new-custom-application-project \
--template starter

For Custom Views:

Create new Custom View from the starter templateTerminal
npx @commercetools-frontend/create-mc-app@latest \
my-new-custom-view-project \
--application-type custom-view \
--template starter

You will be prompted to enter some information for the initial setup. The CLI will then download the template code and install the dependencies.

To learn more about developing customizations, see the following guides: