Getting Started with commercetools

First Steps

If you haven't signed up yet, please sign up for a 60 day free trial.

Create a project

After signing up you are prompted to create a project. A project holds all your store configurations and product data. For more information, see Creating a project.

Import Sample Data

Having sample data is the best way to explore what commercetools can do for you and your e-commerce project. We recommend cloning and importing the SUNRISE Data Set.

You'll need to create an API Client to import sample data.

When you're done, your project will contain a full set of sample data to explore.

Create an API Client

To build applications with the commercetools platform and integrate other systems, you need to create an API Client in the Merchant Center. An API Client can make requests to the commercetools HTTP API.

To create a new API Client, navigate to Settings > Developer Settings and click Create API Client.

For a production project we'd want to restrict the API Client's permissions, but for testing purposes give it the Admin Client permissions template and click Create API Client.

Merchant Center API Client

The next screen provides crucial information about the API Client. You must save this information. It is only displayed once, immediately after creating an API CLient, for security reasons. Be sure to copy the following:

  • The code snippet in the language of your choice.
  • The client_id, client_secret and project_key. You can do this by selecting YAML, Java, PHP, iOS, or any other language from the code snippet drop-down and clicking the copy or download buttons.

Merchant Center API Information

Finally, copy the cURL snippet into a command-line terminal to generate the API access token. For more information, see Authorization.

Launch a Hello World Application

We provide you with several tools and templates, but the fastest way to start is to use one of the "Hello API" samples. They come in several languages, such as PHP, Ruby, node.js and many more. You can download your favorite sample on the Hello API Github repository. Each sample has a config file that you need to edit. Add your API credentials and put the files on a local or remote webserver.

For testing purposes, you can just run the application on your local machine. Production deployments of web frontends or other components or your custom solution that use the API are hosted separately by yourself or your solution partner in a cloud or data center of your choice.

Open the URL of the application and the page will show you information about all published products within your project.

Even more next steps