Hosts and authorization

See the supported Regions and required scopes of commercetools Checkout.


The commercetools Checkout application is hosted at the following URLs:

RegionApplication URL
Europe (Google Cloud, Belgium)
North America (Google Cloud, Iowa)
Australia (Google Cloud, Sydney)

If the documentation refers to https://app.checkout.{region} or uses the {region} placeholder, replace {region} with the actual value (for example, europe-west1.gcp).


Checkout uses tokens from Composable Commerce HTTP API authorization flows with the following scopes.

ScopePermission granted
manage_checkout_payment_intents:{projectKey}Send capture, refund, or cancel requests to the payment service provider (PSP) and update the Payment by calling the payment Connector.
manage_sessions:{projectKey}Create a Checkout Session using the Session API.
view_sessions:{projectKey}Read a Checkout Session information to interact with Checkout. For example, is it required for payment Connectors to interact with Checkout.