Permissions and Subscription

Learn about the required permissions and Subscription.

Confirm permissions and Subscription

To use commercetools Checkout, you must confirm the creation of permissions and a Subscription. You will be requested to do it if you are configuring Checkout for the first time or if the permissions and/or the Subscription created in the past have been deleted.

Both permission and Subscription sets are pre-defined, and you can only confirm them.

Permissions let Checkout create a Composable Commerce API Client using specific scopes to access your data. The Subscription lets Checkout update Composable Commerce data based on the status of payments.

Manage permissions and Subscription

To manage permissions and Subscription, select commercetools Checkout > Overview in the Merchant Center navigation menu. From the Permissions and subscription tab, you can view the permission and Subscription details, recreate permissions, and apply changes to the Subscription.

  • To recreate permissions, click Recreate permissions and then confirm it in the dialog.
    This lets you renew permissions if, for example, you need to renew them every few months for security reasons.
  • To apply changes to the Subscription, click Apply subscription changes and then confirm it in the dialog.
    You must apply changes to the Subscription after you have modified it via the API.

The Permissions and Subscription tab on the Overview page.