Learn about commercetools Checkout and how you can start using it.

What is commercetools Checkout

commercetools Checkout is a prebuilt solution, in addition to Composable Commerce. It helps you create an enhanced checkout experience for your customers by offering you a seamless, efficient, and safer checkout solution to integrate into your commerce websites or applications. Additionally, it provides you the flexibility to support existing and future channels, and the speed to convert new sales opportunities.

Why commercetools Checkout

Implementing a checkout solution might seem straightforward, but it involves a complex integration of various components such as product catalog, order processing, pricing, cart management, and payment service providers (PSPs). It encompasses more than just designing the checkout interface; it requires substantial time and effort to ensure that it's executed correctly, securely, and with optimal performance.

With commercetools Checkout, you can significantly accelerate your time to market. The Checkout Browser SDK drastically lowers the need to build and maintain commercetools Checkout, including PSP integration. By leveraging our expertise and ready-made features, you can focus on other critical aspects of your business, reduce development time, and get your product in front of customers faster, giving you a competitive edge in the market.


  • Create a one-page checkout with minimal development effort.
  • Reduce 50 API calls to 3; powered by Composable Commerce, use a wide range of APIs and features to create an adaptable checkout solution.
  • Handle payments securely and confidently without the burden of compliance worries. commercetools Checkout is compliant with the payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS), the current compliance standard.
  • Access trusted payment solutions right out of the box to seamlessly integrate with a range of PSPs, including industry leaders like Adyen and PayPal.
  • Customize and localize your checkout experience to display local currencies, automate regional tax calculations, and offer multi-language support.
  • Personalize checkout with rule-based routing, for example, show payment method X in country Y or show payment method A when language setting is B.
  • Subscribe to event Messages to receive real-time feedback about activities in the checkout process, helping you stay informed and improve customer experiences.

Use cases

commercetools Checkout empowers you to elevate your commerce capabilities by providing seamless shopping experiences to customers and helping you in making every touchpoint a sales opportunity.

The following are some of the key scenarios where our checkout solution can be used:

  • Convert campaign pages and microsites into seamless shopping experiences. By adding a "Buy Now" button and integrating commercetools Checkout, customers can complete their purchase directly within the campaign or microsite, thus eliminating the need for redirects to the main commerce site.
  • Use QR codes on product packaging to instantly check out the product. You will not be redirected to a shop page, but instead, to the checkout process directly.
  • Take advantage of an effortless process when integrating challenging shopping features while creating mobile applications to enhance customer connections.


To start using commercetools Checkout, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Support to activate commercetools Checkout for your Project.
  2. Add commercetools Checkout to your Project.
  3. Confirm permissions and a Subscription.
  4. Install at least one payment Connector from Connect.
  5. Create at least one Application.
  6. Integrate commercetools Checkout with a web application.
  7. Customize the following according to your needs: