Me endpoints overview

Overview of the concepts related to the me endpoints.

Me endpoints are designed to access the resources of a single Customer and are named due to the common /me URL path they all share.

Each me endpoint contains a subset of functionality compared to its corresponding general endpoint. For example, My Carts is derived from the full-featured Carts API general endpoint.

When we refer to one of these endpoints individually, we call them My + resource endpoint, for example:

Access to the Customer's resources is restricted through dedicated scopes, like manage_my_orders. Assuming every Customer should have full control over their own resources, we only provide manage scopes for the me endpoints, but no view scopes.

When to use

We recommend that you only use the me endpoints in the absence of a middleware layer.

For those using commercetools Frontend, we recommend that you use the general endpoints from API Hub which provides better capability for customizing and controlling the experience for your customers.

For those using a custom frontend, we recommend that you integrate the general endpoints via a middleware layer. This method maximizes the full potential of our APIs, allowing for a more robust and flexible implementation with Composable Commerce.