Take the renewal exam

Now that you have successfully completed the two Connect modules, choose your next steps.

Are you looking to renew your current commercetools Developer Certification?

The exam is available to you if you hold a 2022 or later Composable Commerce Developer Certification. You are free to choose Java or Javascript as the programming language for the SDK code.

If you have completed this module just to learn all about Connect, you needn't do anything more.

You can, however, continue building your knowledge at Learn commercetools.


What is involved in the exam?

You must complete two quizzes to complete this exam:

  • 2024 Renewal Developer Quiz (in either Javascript or Java)
  • 2024 Renewal Connect Quiz

Who can take this renewal?

You can renew this Certification if you are a:

  • Certified Associate Java Developer and Certified Professional Java Developer.
  • Certified Associate .NET Developer and Certified Professional .NET Developer.
  • Certified Associate JavaScript Developer and Certified Professional JavaScript Developer.
  • Certified Associate PHP Developer and Certified Professional PHP Developer.

What are the exam conditions?

  • Learners will need to log in to our Learning Management System. This is the same account as the one you used to complete the quizzes in this module.
  • The 2024 Renewal Developer Quiz consists of 15 questions. It is based on the content in this Refresher module. You have 25 minutes to complete this quiz.
  • The 2024 Renewal Connect Quiz consists of 5 questions. It is based on the content in the two Connect modules. You have 10 minutes to complete this quiz.
  • The passing requirement is 80% for each quiz.
  • You get two attempts to complete each quiz, with a 120-minute cooling-off period in between each attempt.
  • No opening or closing times, so you can take the exam whenever it's convenient for you.

When can I take the Certification renewal exam?

The Certification renewal process is open between February and October every year.

What happens if I fail to complete my Certification renewal?

In this case, you must take the full Certification again.

Which Developer Certification renewal exam should I take?

Take the language that best suits your specific circumstances; both languages lead to the same Certification.