Pricing and Discounts

Learn about the recent changes to Standalone Prices and Cart Discounts, and how they can improve the management of your pricing data and promotion processes.

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  • Pricing

    You can now have staged and current (or, published) Standalone Prices, and they can be viewed and managed in the Merchant Center.

    Staged Standalone Price in Merchant Center.

    Each Standalone Price can have one Staged Standalone Price. To change the staged Standalone Price as the current price, use the applyStagedChanges update action and the current Standalone Price will be overridden. To remove the staged values, you can use the removeStagedChanges update action.

    Note that the StandalonePrice type has an active field that must be set to true, so that the Price can be used during price selection.

    Remember that Embedded Prices behave differently; they are stored along with the Variant data inside the Product. If you are looking at the staged version of the Product, the Prices inside are also considered staged. If you are looking at the current version of the Product, the prices inside are also current (or published).

    Cart Discounts

    In 2023, Cart Discounts had a number of enhancements. Here's a small but important change—fixed price Cart Discounts now support high precision money. Read on for bigger updates.

    Store-specific Cart Discounts

    You can now select the Stores in which your Cart Discount can be applied. Each Cart Discount can have up to 500 Stores. Also, the overall limit of active Cart Discounts that do not require a Discount Code in now increased: 100+(100*number of Stores in a Project).

    In this enhancement, we have introduced a new endpoint for creating Store-scoped Cart Discounts. Additionally, we also introduced three new update actions—Set Stores for adding an array of Stores, Add Store for adding a Store, and Remove Store for removing a Store.

    Cart total Discount

    With the ability to now discount by the total price of a Cart, upselling and promoting higher cart values has become a lot easier. With this enhancement, you can configure promotions such as spend 200€ and get 5€ off the cart total.

    When creating a Cart Discount, you can now select CartDiscountTotalPriceTarget as the CartDiscountTarget to achieve this. If you're using the Merchant Center, you can see the following screenshot to see how you can select the Total Price target.

    Cart Discount using Total Price in Merchant Center.

    Direct Discounts

    Direct Discounts became generally available. With Direct Discounts, you can add a discount to the Cart resource directly. They are useful when an external system determines what the Cart Discount should be. Direct Discounts override any other matching Cart Discounts on a Cart, if any. You can only apply them using the API.

    A Cart or Order either supports Discount Codes or Direct Discounts but not both.

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