Product Selections and Attribute Groups

Learn about the recent changes to Product Selections and Attribute Groups, and how they can improve the management of your Product data.

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  • Product Selections

    Product Selections became generally available, which included some major updates:

    • ProductSelectionType changed to ProductSelectionMode along with
      • Inclusion to Individual
      • Exclusion to IndividualExclusion
    • Product Variant Selection type names changed from:
      • Inclusion to IncludeOnly
      • Exclusion to IncludeAllExcept
    • When you change a Product's SKU value, the reference will be updated automatically in the Product Selection.

    Attribute Groups

    In 2023, Attribute Groups became generally available.

    Adjusting the permissions in your Team is an important aspect of setting up your Organization and making sure your team is productive. However, specifying which Product Attributes certain Teams can view or edit can be challenging to support. With Attribute Groups, you can group Product Attributes together so that permissions can be assigned to the whole group instead of each Attribute individually.

    For example, consider you have different teams of users responsible for managing specific types of Attribute data in Product Variants—a Team that manages the values of size, color, and fit type Attributes and another team that manages the value of brand and designer attributes of those clothing Products. With the help of Attribute Groups, you can assign permissions to edit the value of only a set of attributes to different teams.

    You can also manage Attribute Groups from the Merchant Center.

    Attribute Group with an Attribute in the Merchant Center.

    Depending on the use case, the Administrators Team can grant editing permission to all Attributes, to Attributes that are ungrouped, or none. Only teams with editing permissions can edit Attributes.

    Adding Attribute Group in Team permissions in Merchant Center.

    Regardless of the Product Type, Attributes are referenced by their name as it appears in their Attribute Definition. That is, if multiple Product Types define an Attribute with the same name, Teams with access to that Attribute can edit Attribute values for Products of any of those Product Types.

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