Studio upgrades

Learn how improvements to page handling, importing, and the System Status page have improved working with commercetools Frontend.

  • After completing this page, you should be able to:

    • Identify the key changes to Studio in the past year.
  • We introduced a lot of improvements in the Studio in 2023—all with the same objective—to let you handle your components much more efficiently.

    Page handling

    Let's first take a look at Frontend pages and the three releases that help you in maintaining your pages better.

    Locale drop-down for page versions

    Imagine you have to create different pages for all your stores and find a way to categorize them later. You can now have distinct pages for each locale right from the time of creation.
    You may wonder what if you want to decide the locale later on? No problem! You can also use this feature while editing or duplicating a page version.

    The page versions interface has been updated with an easy-to-use multi-select Locale drop-down. To access it, go to Site Builder, click New page version, and select the required.

    Local drop-down in page version interface.

    Duplicate page folders

    Imagine your company recently acquired a new store and you have to (re)create entire sets of pages for a new store in your portfolio. An efficient workflow would be to keep the general layout of all the pages you'd like to replicate, avoiding unnecessary work. It is now possible to achieve this by copying entire page folders with one click. For more information, see Duplicate a page folder.

    When you duplicate a page folder, only the page versions within the page folder are duplicated. Any subfolders inside the page folder are not duplicated.

    Create page templates from existing page versions

    Imagine you've created a new page that can be used as a blueprint for further new pages created. Wouldn't it be great if you could set your page as a template to ensure you have a consistent design?

    This is now possible with one click. You can do this in two places in the Studio:

    • From the Site builder section when performing other actions on an existing page version, or
    • From the Page builder while editing the page version and clicking Save in the menu bar

    Save as template option in Site Builder highlighted


    We have introduced some features related to mass changes in your project architecture. Let's have a look at these new features in more detail.

    Improved data source filter editor

    You can now preview information from the data source and gain access to more filtering options than before. The following sections are available for the data source filter editor:

    • Settings: It contains the data source input fields specified in the data source schema. By editing these fields, you can edit the data source filter settings.
    • Preview: It displays the preview data returned by the data source for the existing configuration without having to check the preview of the entire page.

    Edit data source filter settings.

    Upload multiple schemas for Frontend components

    During tight deadlines, when you deliver new content for team members to check and set up new projects, you always want to make many new components available in one go and start shaping new experiences for the customer. The Studio now lets you integrate all your new schemas in one go, allowing UX designers to gain access to new components instantly and shortening the configuration time needed for the project.

    Bulk redirects using CSV file upload

    To enable quicker changes to redirects when restructuring your entire navigation systems, the Studio now lets you add redirects in bulk using a CSV file.

    System status page

    An important part of your development process is to monitor the status of your pages and components. The system status page now lets you check the status of Frontend. Check out the page to familiarize yourself with the information presented.

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