API extensibility

Learn about the recent changes to API Extensions and Subscriptions, and how they can improve the extensibility of your Projects.

  • After completing this page, you should be able to:

    • Identify how the changes affect the use of Composable Commerce APIs in your Projects.
  • API Extensions with Google Cloud Functions

    API Extensions became generally available. In addition—as part of our continuous expansion of our services with different cloud platforms—we have enhanced API Extensions to now support Google Cloud Functions natively. You can invoke Google Cloud Functions directly without providing authorization headers or using intermediate gateways by using GoogleCloudFunctionDestination in your code. The new destination uses the permissions granted through the Identity and Access Management (IAM) of Google Cloud Platform. For more information about using IAM-authorized Cloud Functions as destinations for your API Extensions, see the API Extensions reference.

    Messages subscription for Custom Fields

    Custom Fields are a great way to extend our data model according to your needs such as adding special delivery information on Line Items that are to be shipped.

    You can subscribe to Messages for changes to Custom Fields and Types of these endpoints: Business Units, Business Unit Addresses, Customers, Customer Addresses, Customer Groups, and Orders. Additionally, you can now subscribe to Messages for changes to Associate Roles and also to email verification and password reset tokens of Customers.

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