Release highlights of 2023

Get a quick overview of commercetools Frontend's release highlights in the past year.

  • After completing this page, you should be able to:

    • Describe the key changes and updates made to Frontend in the past year.
  • A lot of things can happen in a year, and that certainly is true in the world of commercetools. In this module, let's review the most significant Frontend releases in 2023 and get you up to speed for your Frontend Certification renewal exam.

    To see all Frontend releases, see the respective Development and Studio release notes.

    Completing this module is not a mandatory requirement to take the Certification renewal exam. If you've been following the Frontend releases over the year, then it's possible that you're already aware of many of these changes. We would then suggest you to go through the necessary information in the release highlights below, and then complete the exam.

    But, if you haven't been monitoring our releases regularly, then this module has everything you need to bring you right up to date!

    Overview of important releases

    In 2023, we introduced some new features and important updates:

    • We introduced major upgrades to Studio, enabling you to handle your components efficiently with ease such as creating a new page template from an existing page or copying entire page folders. You can find more information about the update in our module.
    • Our multi-tenant hub makes it a lot easier to develop your extensions, replacing the need for local sandboxes during development. You can find more information about the update in our module.
    • Our newly introduced SDK layer offers you more freedom as a developer. It provides information about types, and you can now take full advantage of our added Intellisense capabilities for API methods and payload responses, improved error handling, and custom events creation. You can find more information about the update in our module.

    Ready to understand these updates further? Read on!