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Introduced page version drop-down in the page builder

14 December 2022
Site builderSandboxesTeam settings

In the page builder, you can now move between page versions using the page versions drop-down.

Apart from the above feature, here are other two enhancements coming with this release:

  • The sandbox debugging modal is now consistent with the studio design system. The transient sandboxes will appear grayed out while they're unusable.
  • You'll now see the information about each role in the invitation drop-down when inviting a user to the studio. This will help you decide which role to assign to your new user.

Introduced actions in the site builder

17 November 2022
Site builderComponents

You can now duplicate, schedule, and publish page versions from the page builder. Read more about actions in our page builder documentation.

Apart from the above feature, here are some other enhancements coming with this release:

  • Clicking on Save or Publish in the page builder will keep you in the page builder. You can save your changes and complete other actions without leaving the site builder.
  • You can now access the Merchant Center login page by clicking on the profile icon and selecting Merchant Center.
  • You'll see an information notification within the preview of a component schema to clarify the correct usage.
  • You can now duplicate the component setting inputs of a group type field.
  • The color of primary buttons is now updated to commercetools brand green.
  • All documentation links now point to the commercetools Frontend documentation website.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug on translatable fields containing links. If the field was within a group and was not the first field, the link was not saved.
  • We fixed a bug on the schema editor buttons that were displayed incorrectly on small screens.

Documentation migration announcement

11 November 2022

As you already know, commercetools acquired Frontastic in November 2021. As a step towards the post merger integration, we've rebranded the Frontastic Next.js offering as commercetools Frontend.


Studio changelog

4 November 2022

The release notes published before 4 November 2022 are archived below.

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