Release highlights of 2023

Get a quick overview of Composable Commerce's release highlights in the past year.

  • After completing this page, you should be able to:

    • Describe the key changes and updates made to Composable Commerce in the past year.
  • A lot of things can happen in a year, and that certainly is true in the world of commercetools. In this module, let's review the most significant releases of 2023, and get you up to speed for your Composable Commerce Developer Renewal Exam.

    In the Developer Certification refresher module, we will focus on how to programmatically work with the newly introduced features using the TypeScript and Java SDKs. You can focus on the SDK required for your certification.

    To see all our API releases in the last year, see the HTTP API release notes. To see all the updates to the Import API, see the Import API release notes.

    Completing this module is not a mandatory requirement to take the Developer Certification renewal exam. If you've been following our releases over the year, then it's possible that you're already aware of many of these changes. We would then suggest you to go through the necessary information in the release highlights below, and then complete the exam here.

    But, if you haven't been monitoring our releases regularly, then this module has everything you need to bring you right up to date!


    As we go through the highlights, you can try out some code examples for yourself. Before using the code examples, ensure to do the following:

    • Create a new Project with sample data.
    • Create an Admin API Client for the Project.
    • Use the SDK to build an HTTP API Client: TypeScript or Java.
    • Use the SDK to build an Import API Client.

    Overview of important releases

    In 2023, we released some new features and important updates:

    • We introduced one of the most requested features—a flexible and out-of-the-box solution for managing a much higher number of prices per Product Variant. To avoid introducing changes that could potentially break Projects using the older pricing model, Embedded Prices, we introduced Standalone Prices as an alternative.

      Standalone Prices bring quite a few aspects to the table that can hopefully ease the management of your prices significantly. We suggest considering using Standalone Prices, even if you're content with how Prices have worked until this point and you do not have an urgent need for a change due to not having a lot of prices. You can find more information about the update in our module.

    • We enhanced the Cart Discounts functionality to support creation of Store-specific Cart Discounts, greatly enhancing the clustering and separation of your data. Also, you can now use the total of a Cart as a discount target, without having to target all of a Cart's Line Items individually. You can find more information about the update in our module.

    • Due to an increase in integrations and data exchange between our Projects and your data targets, we enhanced the flexibility and use of Import API, and introduced new destinations for Subscriptions and API Extensions. You can find more information about the updates to Import API and Subscriptions and API Extensions in our module.

    • We released a lot of smaller new features too to make your work with Composable Commerce easier and more enjoyable. Did you know you can now do the following?

      • Create Product Selections in your Stores
      • Manage Product permissions more easily with Attribute Groups
      • Check if a resource exists, using a new HTTP method

      You can find more information about these updates in our module.

    • And lastly, commercetools released a new product called Connect. It's an integration framework that supports both your own custom integration code as well as certified reusable integrations that can be deployed in your Project. We have two new learning modules on Connect: Connect 1 and Connect 2. Both of these Connect modules are required to renew your Certification.

    Ready for a closer look? Read on!