Verify setup

The previous chapters walked you through all the preparation that needs to be done to get you set up. To avoid surprises while you are working on continuously delivering increments and milestones, take the time to verify everything is working for everyone involved.

  • Are the project members invited to all the commercetools Projects and tools they need access to?
  • Are development tools, especially Frontend deployment set up and accessible to everyone? Run through an example, from adding or modifying code to deployment, to see if it works.
  • Did you decide on code and quality guidelines, and have you integrated them into your toolchain? Decisions like: when to use GraphQL vs. HTTP API, programming languages, and mandatory tests.
  • Do you have your meeting cadence for implementation and stakeholder groups set up?
  • Is the implementation team aware of where to find the commercetools documentation?
  • Do you know how to create support tickets and ask for help?
  • Have you created and distributed API credentials as needed?
  • Are the milestones and overall project scope and goal understood by the team?

Clarifying and checking these points will help you not get sidetracked once development has started.

Halting progress, especially early on in the development phase, has negative effects on the overall speed and success of your project.