Project configuration

The sample data helped you get familiar with our key concepts. Now it is time to review and adjust the configuration to your needs. Change project-wide settings like channels, locales, currencies, countries, and taxes to your needs.

Locales and currencies

To change locales in your storefront, you must change the Project configuration in Composable Commerce in the Merchant Center, and in commercetools Frontend and its backend for frontend (BFF).

  • Frontend:
    • Change project.config.ts and update the localizationMapper mapper: locale, currency, currencyCode, and other variables.
    • Change projectConfiguration.json.
    • Create a support ticket to change or update your Frontend project's locale. Note that this would only affect newly created pages. After the support team has applied the configuration change, the new locales will be shown in your Studio, and you can add your localized data for the new locales.
  • Composable Commerce:
    • Configure your desired locales and currencies for your Composable Commerce Project in the Merchant Center.
    • Now you are ready to use the locales and currencies in your product and other data.

Tax Categories

For VAT-like taxes and simple setups, you can use the Merchant Center. For an advanced tax calculation setup or for complex countries like the US, integrate using a third-party tax provider. Learn more about configuration for external tax providers in this guide.

Shipping Methods and Zones

Use the Merchant Center for setting up fixed shipping rates or single shipping methods. To learn more about predicates, tiered shipping rates, and multiple Shipping Methods, see the Shipping and Delivery Overview.


With the Merchant Center, you can:

  • Set up an InventorySupply Channel to represent a warehouse, a distribution hub, or a physical retail space, and track different stock levels for the same SKU (with each Channel having its own inventory management capability).
  • Set up a ProductDistribution Channel to set different prices for the same SKU (with each Channel having a corresponding Price). Product Distribution Channels allow you to configure company-specific pricing.

If you have an order management system (OMS) integration, you can use the API to set up an OrderExport Channel to track order export activities.

Associate Roles

You can use the Merchant Center to create Associate Roles that you can assign to associates in your customer's companies. These roles grant granular permissions to associates, which will help you craft the perfect buying process for each customer.