Plan the migration of your frontend

Since commercetools Frontend is decoupled from the commercetools Composable Commerce backend and other integrated services, this guide focuses on frontend migration. Migrating to commercetools Frontend is an excellent opportunity for you to give your storefront a fresher look. If you've planned a website redesign anyway, we suggest doing it during this migration. For simplicity, you can reuse assets (such as your CSS codebase, URLs, and navigation structure) from your existing storefront implementation.

CSS and React components

If your frontend is implemented in React, you can likely reuse your existing components when migrating to commercetools Frontend. For more information on integrating your components, see Moving to commercetools Frontend.

If your current frontend is on a different technological stack, it is possible to reuse your CSS codebase in commercetools Frontend, provided that it is compatible with our grid system. See Styling your site for further details.

Backend for frontend

Composable Commerce may be able to handle some of the business logic you intended to migrate from your current system. This means that you don't need to run that logic in your backend for frontend anymore.

In addition, since commercetools Frontend is connected with Composable Commerce and to components from the Store launchpads, existing custom business logic from your current storefront may no longer be needed. We recommend that you check any existing logic against the Composable Commerce integration, and plan your integration as necessary.

Ensure adequate performance when integrating third-party services, as slow response times will impede your frontend, resulting in a poor user experience.

URLs and navigation

commercetools Frontend lets you recreate the URL paths for your static and dynamic pages to keep them the same as in your current storefront. You can also migrate your current navigation structure to commercetools Frontend. For more information on migrating URLs and the navigation structure, refer to Moving to commercetools Frontend.