Store launchpads overview

commercetools Frontend comes with out-of-the-box store launchpads to reduce development effort when building your digital commerce website.

Available store launchpads

What store launchpads are

Store launchpads are ready-to-use codebases that include the following:

The purpose of store launchpads is to give you a starting point and guidance to develop your commerce website, thus reducing your time-to-market and helping you offer a seamless and engaging shopping experience to your customers.
Store launchpads serve as foundational templates that you can customize, extend, or use as they are. Also, because every project is unique, you can use the full store launchpad or only some components, depending on your needs.

What store launchpads are not

Store launchpads are not libraries nor monolithic storefronts limited in flexibility.

Who are store launchpads for

Store launchpads are designed for organizations who want to expedite the launch of their commerce website and are looking for tools to make their work faster. However, even if you are planning to build a completely custom commerce website, store launchpads can help you understand how to work with commercetools Frontend because they outline the best practices to develop Frontend components and extensions.

Store launchpads vs. commercetools Frontend

The purpose of store launchpads is to showcase the capabilities of commercetools Frontend together with commercetools Composable Commerce. Unlike Frontend, which is one of commercetools' products, store launchpads are ready-to-use codebases on top of Frontend.

We constantly improve both Frontend and store launchpads. However, while Frontend is automatically updated by us as a SaaS product, store launchpads are not. When store launchpads are added to your Frontend project, they represent the state of the code at that point in time. Therefore, it is your responsibility to maintain and update them.

Update store launchpads

Once you start using and modifying store launchpads, it becomes your responsibility to maintain and update them. However, we provide resources to ease this process. You can consult the related Storybook and GitHub public repository to check the latest releases. Then, you can manually incorporate these changes into your codebase to keep it up-to-date.

Provide feedback on store launchpads

You can submit your feedback, questions, and suggestions about store launchpads by creating an issue in the related public GitHub repository or by contacting Support.