Go live preparation

Ready to launch your application? Before you can do this, there are a few more steps to go.

Encrypt the project secrets

The project.yml file lives in your GitHub repository and is hence available to all the developers working on the project. It's a good idea to encrypt your project secrets before going live. If you haven't done it already, follow our securing the secrets documentation.

Configure redirects

Some pages or URLs might be changed while moving from an older stack to commercetools Frontend. This might lead to dead links, and to avoid this situation, you can use the Redirects feature in the studio to set up URL redirects such pages to new ones.

Verify environment variables on Netlify

Ensure all the required environment variables are configured in your Netlify site's settings. Make sure the staging site and production site are going using their own environment variables. Consult the professional services team if you have any questions. Learn more about setting up environment variables on Netlify's site environment variables documentation.

Test the staging site

It's a good idea to test your application on the Netlify staging site before moving the changes to production. Open your Netlify dashboard, select the staging site, and open the latest deployment to see updates.

You can test your pages on a mobile device by scanning the preview QR code while developing in studio or using the staging site URL after deploying to Netlify.

Setting up a custom domain

To assign a custom domain or domain alias to a site, go to Site settings > Domain management. There you can add or remove domain aliases for your site. Learn more about custom domain management on Netlify's custom domains documentation.

Enable HTTPS

Using HTTPS is a must for an eCommerce business. Netlify takes care of all the hassle of creating/updating an SSL certificate for you. Learn about this on Netlify's https-ssl documentation.

If you still have questions remember our professional service engineers are just one message away.

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