Go-live preparation

Follow these instructions for a safe and seamless launch of your website.

Configure redirects

When moving from an older stack to commercetools Frontend, some URLs might be changed, leading to broken links. To fix broken links, use the Redirects feature in the Studio to redirect broken links to new ones.

Verify environment variables on Netlify

Ensure you configured the required environment variables in your Netlify website's settings. Also, ensure the staging and production sites use their respective environment variables. If you have any questions, contact the Frontend support team.

To learn more about setting environment variables, see the Netlify documentation.

Test the staging site

To test your staging website before moving to production, go to your Netlify dashboard, select the staging site, and go to the latest deployment URL.

Perform load tests

To perform load tests on your website, contact the Frontend support team and provide us with the following information:

  • Date, time, and duration of the test
  • Target hostnames: the Netlify URL or your domain name pointing to the production URL
  • The number of concurrent users
  • The number of requests per hour
  • Any other special requirement

Set up a custom domain

To assign a custom domain or domain alias to a site, on your Netlify dashboard, go to Site settings > Domain management. There you can add or remove domain aliases for your site. To learn more about custom domain management, see Netlify documentation.

Enable HTTPS

Using HTTPS adds a layer of security to your website. Netlify handles creating/updating the SSL certificate for you. To learn about SSL certificates, see Netlify documentation.