Composable Commerce functionalities

The Store Launchpad for B2B Manufacturing uses the commercetools Composable Commerce APIs to execute actions.

The Store Launchpad for B2B Manufacturing implements Composable Commerce functionality by using the Composable Commerce extension for B2B. Following are the actions available in the Store Launchpad for B2B Manufacturing and the related Composable Commerce API actions.
For more information, see the following files in the actionControllers folder of the Composable Commerce extension for B2B:

  • AccountController.ts
  • BusinessUnitController.ts
  • CartController.ts
  • ProductController.ts
  • ProjectController.ts
  • QuoteController.ts
  • WishlistController.ts


commercetools Frontend actioncommercetools Composable Commerce action
Create Customer account: registerCreate (sign up) Customer
Request confirmation email token: requestConfirmationEmailCreate email token for Customer
Confirm Customer's email with token: confirmVerify email of Customer
Login account: loginAuthenticate (sign in) Customer
Change password of account: passwordChange password of Customer
Generate token to reset password of account: requestResetCreate password reset token for Customer
Reset password: resetReset password of Customer
Update account details - first name: updateSet First Name
Update account details - last name: updateSet Last Name
Update account details - salutation: updateSet Salutation
Update account details - date of birth: updateSet Date of Birth
Add address: addAddressAdd Address
Update address: updateAddressChange Address
Remove address: removeAddressRemove Address
Add shipping address: addShippingAddressAdd Address, Add Shipping Address ID, Set Default Shipping Address
Add billing address: addBillingAddressAdd Address, Add Billing Address ID, Set Default Billing Address
Set default shipping address: setDefaultShippingAddressSet Default Shipping Address
Set default billing address: setDefaultBillingAddressSet Default Billing Address
Delete account: deleteAccountDelete Customer

Business Unit

commercetools Frontend actioncommercetools Composable Commerce action
Get all Business Units: getBusinessUnitsQuery Business Units
Get Business Unit by key: getByKeyGet Business Unit by Key
Get Orders for Business Unit: getBusinessUnitOrdersQuery Orders
Create Business Unit: createCreate BusinessUnit
Update Business Unit details: updateBusinessUnitUpdate BusinessUnit
Remove Business Unit: removeDelete BusinessUnit
Add address: addBusinessUnitAddressAdd Address
Update address: updateBusinessUnitAddressChange Address
Remove address: removeBusinessUnitAddressRemove Address
Add Associate: addAssociateAdd Associate
Remove Associate: removeAssociateRemove Associate
Get Associate Roles: getAssociateRolesQuery AssociateRoles
Update Associate Roles: updateAssociateChange Associate


commercetools Frontend actioncommercetools Composable Commerce action
Get a Cart for an anonymous or logged in account: getCartGet Cart
Add Line Item to Cart: addToCartAdd LineItem
Update Cart Line Item: updateLineItemChange LineItem Quantity
Remove Cart Line Item: removeLineItemRemove LineItem
Update Cart details - email: updateCartSet Customer Email
Update Cart details - shipping address: updateCartSet Shipping Address
Update Cart details - billing address: updateCartSet Billing Address
Create Order from Cart: checkoutCreate Order from Cart
Query Orders: queryOrdersQuery Orders
Get Shipping Methods: getShippingMethodsQuery ShippingMethods
Get Shipping Methods for matching location: getShippingMethodsGet matching Shipping Methods for a Location
Get Shipping Methods for a Cart: getAvailableShippingMethodsGet matching Shipping Methods for a Cart
Set Shipping Method: setShippingMethodSet ShippingMethod
Redeem Discount: redeemDiscountAdd DiscountCode
Remove Discount: removeDiscountRemove DiscountCode
Add Payment by invoice: addPaymentByInvoiceCreate Payment
Update Payment: updatePaymentUpdate Payment
Return Line Item: returnItemsUpdate Order
Cancel Order: cancelOrderChange OrderState
Replicate Cart from Order: replicateOrderReplicate Cart
Split Line Item shipping: splitLineItemUpdate Cart
Reassign Cart to another Customer: reassignCartUpdate Cart


commercetools Frontend actioncommercetools Composable Commerce action
Get Product by SKU or ID: getProductQuery ProductProjections
Query Products with filters, sorting, and pagination: queryQuery ProductProjections
Query Categories with pagination: queryCategoriesQuery Categories
Get searchable attributes: searchableAttributesQuery ProductTypes


commercetools Frontend actioncommercetools Composable Commerce action
Get Project settings: getProjectSettingsGet Project


commercetools Frontend actioncommercetools Composable Commerce action
Create Quote Request: createQuoteRequestCreate QuoteRequest
Query Quote Requests: queryQuoteRequestsQuery QuoteRequests
Cancel Quote Request: cancelQuoteRequestChange Quote Request State
Query Quotes: queryQuery Quotes
Accept Quote: acceptQuoteChange Quote State
Decline Quote: declineQuoteChange Quote State
Renegotiate Quote: renegotiateQuoteRequest Quote Renegotiation


commercetools Frontend actioncommercetools Composable Commerce action
Get all wishlists: getWishlistsQuery ShoppingLists
Get a wishlist for an anonymous or logged in account: getWishlistGet ShoppingList
Create wishlist: createWishlistCreate ShoppingList
Delete wishlist: deleteWishlistDelete ShoppingList by ID
Add Product to a wishlist: addToWishlistAdd ShoppingListLineItem
Add Product to multiple wishlists: addToWishlistsAdd ShoppingListLineItem
Remove Product from wishlist: removeLineItemRemove ShoppingListLineItem
Update Product count from wishlist: updateLineItemCountChange ShoppingListLineItem Quantity
Update wishlist details: updateWishlistUpdate ShoppingList by ID