Work with milestones

Optimizing time to value

When planning your commercetools project, the goal is to minimize the time it takes to deliver value to your customers or the business. To achieve this, construct a strategic project plan and adopt an incremental delivery approach. For a deeper dive into time to value, refer to our Optimizing time to value guide.

Plan your milestones

Agile methodologies address project complexity and scale by breaking down large tasks and projects into smaller, more manageable pieces. These smaller units, known as increments, are completed within fixed time frames, called iterations, enabling continuous delivery of usable features.

Increments that collectively contribute to a significant stage of the project can be grouped into a milestone. Milestones serve as checkpoints to monitor the project's progress, indicating when a particular set of objectives have been achieved.

Share your progress on increments regularly with the project committee. It's also a good idea to demonstrate progress on milestones proactively to the steering and executive committees.

Demoing milestones and sharing stakeholder feedback with the team fosters a sense of ownership among members. As you reflect on completed tasks, understanding the progress and value achieved becomes clearer. This reflection offers a chance to realign and focus on upcoming challenges.

Create the project plan

After identifying your increments and milestones, start building a high-level project plan around them. This will allow you to start distributing the work among the different teams and departments, enabling them to further refine the tasks.