All commercetools products are generally running in a single-region, multi-zone configuration. A Region is either a Google Cloud Platform region or an AWS region as defined in their respective documentation. Zones, similarly described there, are separate environments within a Region with high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity between them. Through this setup, all commercetools products are highly available by design. Any single failure, even physical disruption of an entire zone, does not affect commercetools Availability as other zones would instantly pick up running services. This includes access to, and safety of, any data stored.

Backup Cycle

Data stored within commercetools products are backed up routinely on an established schedule. Backups are performed in accordance with common industry standards for the purposes of the data’s safety, continuity, and integrity in regard to the functionality of commercetools products.

For commercetools Composable Commerce, backups are created every two hours. For commercetools Frontend and commercetools Connect, backups are created every 24 hours.

Backups are subsequently retained for up to 14 days and deleted on day 15. The following table outlines the detailed retention cycle for backups.

Backups createdBackups retained
In the last 48 hoursEvery backup
Remainder of the 14 daysOne backup per day

The backup processes of commercetools are in compliance with common industry standards in addition to obligations under the GDPR and other applicable privacy regulations apply. See the documentation concerning data erasure of personal data for additional information on deleting data.

Restoration Requests

If a customer wishes to use a backup for their own purposes, such as to restore data, commercetools will use commercially reasonable efforts to fulfill such requests. This service is subject to any fees that might apply during the restoration process. Customers interested in restoring data, including data from Projects deleted within the backup retention period, can make a restoration request through Customer Support.