Standard Service Level Agreement commercetools Connect


commercetools commits to a minimum Availability of the Service of 99.9%.

The Service will be considered available to the extent that the infrastructure for hosting the Connectors is accessible by the Customer and Customer is able to use the Service through the Connect API and access the application data at the service transfer point of the API (i.e. at the exit of the respective data center) ("Availability").

commercetools measures Availability by sending test requests in regular intervals to the Service. commercetools makes the results of service measurement available at

Availability is measured over the entire operating period (24/7) and shall be calculated on the basis of a calendar month in the unit of minutes. For the purposes of the calculation, a calendar month is defined as 30 days i.e.

formula defining the month duration

Downtime refers to the total number of minutes within a calendar month during which the Service is not available.

Availability is expressed as a percentage and will be calculated as follows:

formula defining the availability calculation

Planned Servicing Period

commercetools may be required to schedule planned servicing and maintenance periods from time to time to technically adapt, ensure the functioning and interoperability, develop, and maintain the security of the Service (“Planned Servicing Period''). commercetools ordinarily informs Customers through the commercetools status page at least seven days before a Planned Servicing Period and describes the type, extent, and projected duration. Customers may register for this portal to receive such notifications by e-mail. When possible, such Planned Servicing Periods will be carried out during low-traffic periods and in such a manner that the usage of the Service is not expected to be substantially affected.

commercetools endeavors to ensure no more than twenty-four hours of Planned Servicing Period per year for the Service.

SLA Exclusions

Availability calculations will exclude unavailability arising from any: (a) Planned Servicing Period; (b) force majeure events; (c) Customer’s application, equipment, software or other technology, or third-party service providers’ faults or disruptions for which commercetools is not responsible; (d) Customer’s use of the Service in violation of its agreement or not in accordance with the Documentation; (e) software faults or disruptions of the Connector, whether developed by Customer or a third party; or (f) suspension or termination of Customer’s access or use of the Service in accordance with the Customer’s agreement.

The provisions of this Service Level Agreement do not apply to APIs and functionalities provided as beta versions, test and/or development projects, Connectors, and services that are provided to the Customer free of charge (for example, the Merchant Center and the SDKs).

Service Credits

If the Availability is not met by commercetools, the Customer may be entitled to a Service Credit for the impacted portion of the Service as follows:

Minimum AvailabilityService Credit based on pro-rata fee for the calendar month in which
the Downtime occurred for the impacted portion of the Service
Between 99.9% and 99.0%10%
Between 99.0% and 95.0%25%
Under 95.0%50%

Customer has 30 days after the end of each month to claim a Service Credit. If several Service Credits are due in one calendar month, they are limited in total to 100% of the respective pro rata monthly fee. Service Credits will be made in the form of a monetary credit applied to future use of the Service and will be applied within 90 days after the Service Credit was claimed. In the case of bundled fees in an order form, the Service Credit for the impacted portion of the Service will be calculated based on commercetools’s standard pricing. Any capitalized terms not defined above shall take on the meaning set forth in your agreement and order form.