Standard Customer Support

We're here to help you get everything out of commercetools’ products.

We provide learning and documentation resources, developer tooling and more.

If these resources do not resolve all your questions, or you need more help, commercetools provides support through its dedicated Support engineer teams around the world.

The Customer or their authorized agent can create Support requests through our Support channels regarding a technical or functional topic with a commercetools product.

This page helps you find out more about the Support offering, the Severity Levels, and through which channels we communicate.

Services per Severity Level

For optional prioritized handling, shorter response time targets, and phone callback see the Premium Support offering.

Severity levelSupport hours, Support channelsInitial response time target
S1: Critical Incident24 / 7

Support website, status page
60 minutes
S2: Incident24 / 7

Support website, status page
180 minutes
S3: Problem24 / 5 - Monday-Friday except regional holiday periods

Support website
12 hours during Support hours
S4: Question, suggestion,
or other Support request
24 / 5 - Monday-Friday except regional holiday periods

Support website
48 hours during Support hours

See our glossary of terms below.

Support is provided in English language.

On Severity 1 and 2 requests the Customer commits to engaging fully with commercetools towards resolution of the issue. If commercetools is unable to obtain information from the Customer that is required to resolve the issue, commercetools may downgrade a request to a lower severity.

Severity Levels

The Support website allows the Customer to explicitly provide the necessary information for correct severity classification. The effective severity is set by commercetools upon review of the Customer provided information and the Severity Level definitions described as follows:

S1 - Critical Incident: An ongoing problem of a commercetools production system is causing a core business to stop or experience extremely serious interruptions and no acceptable workaround exists. Normally this is the case if the system is not taking new orders.

S2 - Incident: An ongoing problem of a commercetools production system is impacting but not stopping a core business and no acceptable workaround exists. Examples include: intermittent problems, performance degradations, problems with background processing, potential security issues, outages of products or components not supported as Critical Incidents.

S3 - Problem: A problem of a commercetools system is impacting non-core business processes. Examples include: minor performance degradations, problems impacting Customer internal processes, incorrect function in backend user interfaces. Also: Incidents with non-production systems; past Incidents; Incidents for which an acceptable workaround exists; problems with components provided under open-source licenses.

S4 - Question, suggestion, or other Support request: Little or no current impact on currently ongoing business processes. Also: other problems with non-production systems; documentation problems.

Support request handling priority is set by commercetools, respecting Severity Level and contractual status.

Maximum Severity Levels

Not all products and not all components of given projects are eligible for all Severity Levels. The coverage is defined in the Support Severity Levels of commercetools Products online document. As our product portfolio evolves, commercetools may change the product and component eligibility over time as products and features are being launched, restructured, or discontinued.

Support channels

Status page: the public system status page at, including the possibility to subscribe to status change notifications. When the specific problem described in a Support request and its status are already communicated through the status page, the response time target of the request does not have to be met.

Support website: Support requests are submitted through by a pre-registered and logged in user. Only if the Support website is unavailable the request shall be submitted via email. For a Support request to be eligible for Priority Customer Support, the person filing it must have been registered on the Support website ahead of time and submit precise identification of the affected tenant (project) via the respective website form field.

Email: Email is only to be used in case the Support website is unavailable. Support requests are submitted via email:

Phone callback: Priority Customer Support Customers are eligible for requesting a phone callback to a given phone number by submitting a Support request through the Support website and requesting such callback. commercetools can choose to respond in writing on either the status page or the Support request first. Phone callback is not delivered during Incidents affecting a multitude of Customers, typically if the Incident is on the status page. The scope of a phone callback conversation is limited to the topic described in the original Support request. It focuses on clarifying missing information, not on immediate resolution. Its duration is limited at commercetools’ discretion. In case the provided number can not be immediately reached commercetools will respond in written.


Initial response: first non-automated response either confirming that commercetools is starting to act on the problem or requesting specific missing information from the Customer.

Response time target: commercetools takes all commercially reasonable efforts to have submitted an initial response to the contact that has started the Support request in this time on any Support channel. Time starts with Support request submission independent of when the described problem first occurred. commercetools can adjust the Severity Level and classification of any Support request at its own discretion following the definitions of this agreement.

Support hours: times during which such Support requests are handled. The initial response time target is counted during Support hours of the respective Severity Level and paused outside them.

Regional holiday periods: work free public holidays at a given commercetools presence and regional commercetools company holiday periods as announced on the Support website ahead of time.

24/5: the time period starting Monday 09:00 Australian Standard Time and ending Friday 19:00 US Eastern Standard Time. Excluding commercetools’ global company holidays and regional holiday periods as announced on the Support website.

Workaround: a set of procedures that the Customer may follow to circumvent or mitigate the impact of a problem, notwithstanding that the problem still exists.

What do we need from you?

  • Every Customer must provide one 24/7 reachable escalation email contact address for commercetools to be able to reach out to resolve Incidents that require Customer actions.
  • commercetools must be enabled to reproduce reported problems. Customers and partners must cooperate closely and timely with suitably skilled staff to enable reproduction. commercetools Support may need to be granted access to the Customers' tenants for troubleshooting purposes. One of the Customer’s users participating in a Support request must have required system permissions to change system configuration or permissions.
  • commercetools can request the Customer to join a screen sharing conference for interactive problem resolution at the discretion of commercetools. The Customer has to join with suitably skilled staff.
  • If commercetools provides the Customer an updated version of its SDKs or other client side software free of charge to resolve the problem, the Customer must take efforts to apply it.

What is not in scope?

The following kinds of Support requests are not covered by commercetools Support but may be available through Expert Services:

  • solution implementation, solution code analysis
  • consulting and solution architecture
  • solutions and integrations from the commercetools Integration Marketplace (please contact the solution provider or commercetools Expert Services)
  • Connectors deployed on the Connect infrastructure. These are either published under an Open-Source license or the Creator is providing support. While we strive to provide the best possible experience with the Connectors, we cannot guarantee functional completeness, being bug-free or issue resolution for them.
  • any recurring operational procedures that can also be realized through commercetools APIs or user interfaces

Support requests including non-anonymized personally identifiable information of third party persons (for example, the Customer’s customers) or application secrets (for example, passwords, API credentials) can be deleted and re-requested in anonymized form by commercetools. Response time targets do not apply to such requests.

This Support offering forms part of your commercial agreement with commercetools and commercetools reserves the right to update it from time to time.