Premium Support

Ensuring customer success with additional support personalized for customers that are seeking more

The added value of Premium

Premium Support enables our customers and partners to deploy and support next generation commerce with even greater confidence. Please contact your commercetools representative if you are interested in purchasing Premium Support.

  • An industry-leading 99.99% uptime SLA as a commitment to our product quality and the critical services we provide
  • Prioritized 24/7 Customer Support with an accelerated response time and phone callback service
  • An assigned Customer Success Engineer (CSE) throughout the commercetools journey with designated Expert Services Hours
Uptime SLA
Priority Customer Support
ChannelsSupport portal, status pageSupport portal, status page, phone callback
Critical Incident (24/7)60 minutes response20 minutes priority response
Incident (24/7)180 minutes response90 minutes priority response
Problems (24/5)12 hours response6 hours priority response
Questions, other requests (24/5)48 hours response24 hours priority response
Personalized guidance
Customer Success Engineer (CSE)On Demand OnlyDedicated CSE hours

Higher Availability

In addition to the Standard Service Level Agreement commercetools commits to a minimum Availability of the Service of 99.99% for Premium Support Customers.

If the Availability is not met by commercetools, the Customer may be entitled to a Service Credit for the impacted portion of the Service as follows:

Minimum AvailabilityService Credit based on pro-rata fee for the calendar month in which
the Downtime occurred for the impacted portion of the Service
Between 99.99% and 99.0%10%
Between 99.0% and 95.0%25%
Under 95.0%50%

Priority Customer Support

In addition to the Standard Customer Support offering, commercetools commits to Premium Support Customers:

  • Prioritized request handling
  • Twice as fast Support response time targets and a 20 minute response time target for Critical Incidents
  • Ongoing communication time targets for Critical Incidents
  • Phone callback service
Severity levelSupport hours, Support channelsInitial response time target
S1: Critical Incident24/7

Support website, status page, phone callback in Customer specific issues
20 minutes

Updates every 30 minutes or as stated in the previous update while the Incident is ongoing
S2: Incident24/7

Support website, status page , phone callback in Customer specific issues
90 minutes
S3: Problem24/5 - Monday-Friday except regional holiday periods

Support website, phone callback
6 hours during Support hours
S4: Question, suggestion, or other Support request24/5 - Monday-Friday except regional holiday periods

Support website, phone callback
24 hours during Support hours

All other definitions and agreements of Standard Customer Support also apply to Priority Customer Support.

Expert Services

Premium Support Customers receive personalized guidance from an assigned Customer Success Engineer throughout their commercetools journey.

Portfolio of Services:

  • Project review
  • Review of Customer roadmap and commercetools feature adoption
  • High level tech stack review
  • Implementation plan evaluation
    • Schema review
    • Pattern review
  • Component-level focus workshops (overview, design, best practices)
  • Technical working sessions
  • Performance review
    • API usage
  • Launch planning
  • Ongoing innovation

Service Hours

Expert Service Hours available to a Customer are provided with an upper limit which is determined by the yearly committed revenue resulting in 16, 32, 60, or maximum 80 hours per quarter of the year.

Expert Services provided are subject to availability under a fair-usage policy. Hours not consumed in a given quarter of the year are not rolled over to the following quarter.

Premium Support will be provided for the term and fees as set out in the customer order form. Except for the specific terms set out above, all other definitions, terms, conditions, and exclusions set forth in the Standard Support and Service Level Agreement shall also apply to Premium Support.