Audit Log

Audit Log provides tracking and auditing features for the commercetools platform.

Audit Log features

  • Change history is a historical log of entity changes made within your Project.

Audit Log features are currently only available on our Google Cloud Regions.

Supported entity types

The following entity types are currently tracked:

  • Cart discount
  • Category
  • Channel
  • Customer
  • Customer group
  • Discount code
  • Inventory
  • Order
  • Payment
  • Product
  • Product discount
  • Product type
  • Review
  • Shopping list
  • State
  • Store
  • Tax category
  • Type
  • Zone

Behavior and limits

Audit Log tracks and stores entity changes made after 15 March 2021. The default behavior is:

  • only tracks changes originating from within the Merchant Center
  • maximum of 100 000 records stored
  • maximum of 1 year retention of records
  • integrated Merchant Center view
  • contextual view of changes from within the Merchant Center

Extension of limits is possible. Please contact our support via the Support Portal. Extension of these limits might be subject to a separate fee.

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