Discounts Overview

How Discounts work and how to create them in the Merchant Center.

The Discounts API supports three types of Discounts that apply in the following order:

  1. Product Discounts apply to a specific Product or subset of Products before they are added to a Cart.
  2. Cart Discounts apply (in ranked order) to all Products or subset of Products after they are added to a Cart.
  3. Discount Codes apply to a Customer’s Cart or subset of Products in the Cart when a unique code is input.

Product and Cart Discounts can be applied in two ways:

  • Relative value: a percentage-based Discount, for example, 20% off on all handbags
  • Absolute value: an absolute value Discount, for example, $10 off the total of a Cart

The maximum number of Product Discounts that can be active at the same time is 500.
The number of active Cart Discounts that do not require a Discount Code is limited to 100.

Discount ranking and stacking

The Rank (sortOrder) field in Product and Cart Discounts accepts any value between 0 to 1, with as many decimal points as needed. The value closer to 1 ranks higher and determines the order to apply Discounts:

  • Product Discounts: only the highest ranked Product Discount applies
  • Cart Discounts: all active and applicable Cart Discounts apply in order (from the highest to lowest rank)
  • Discount codes do not have a Rank (sortOrder) field

Searchable fields

You can search for Cart Discounts and Product Discounts using the following fields:

  • Discount name
  • Discount key

You can search for Discount Codes using the following fields:

  • Code name
  • Code
  • Discount group

Search filters

Search filters allow you to narrow down Discount lists based on various filter criteria.

To access the sidebar with a range of filters, click Filters. Each filter has its own interaction mechanism depending on the type of data it filters. You can select either AND or OR to control the behavior of multiple filters, which affects the resulting list.

The following search filters are available:

Information icon

For performance reasons, the Discount schedule, Date created, Date modified, Created by, Rank, Type, Max code applications, and Max code applications per customer filters are available for Discount lists with less than 300,000 entries.

  • Status: filters based on the status of the Discount (activated, deactivated).

  • Discount schedule: filters by the scheduled valid date of Discounts using a date range. In addition, it is possible to filter for results where no scheduled date has been specified.

  • Date created: filters based on the date (or range of dates) a Discount was created.

  • Date modified: filters based on the date (or range of dates) a Discount was last modified.

  • Created by: filters based on who created the Discount.

  • Rank: filters based on the ranking of a Discount.

  • Type: filters based on the effect the Discount will have. For more information, see Cart Discounts or Product Discounts.

    Information icon

    Only absolute or relative Product Discounts can be filtered.

  • Stacking mode: filters for Discounts that allow or do not allow to be combined with other Discounts.

  • Discount code: filters for Discounts that require or do not require a Discount Code.

  • Max code applications: filters based on the total number of times that a specific Discount Code can be redeemed.

  • Max code applications per customer: filters based on the maximum number of times a Customer can redeem a specific Discount Code.

The filters available for a Discount vary depending on the type of discount:

FilterProduct DiscountCart DiscountDiscount Code
Discount schedule
Date created
Date modified
Created by
Stacking mode
Discount code
Max code applications
Max code applications per customer