Discounts Overview

How Discounts work and how to create them in the Merchant Center.

The Discounts API supports three types of discounts that apply in the following order:

  1. Product Discounts apply to a specific Product or subset of Products before they are added to a Cart.
  2. Cart Discounts apply (in ranked order) to all Products or subset of Products after they are added to a Cart.
  3. Discount Codes apply to a Customer’s Cart or subset of Products in the Cart when a unique code is input.

Product and Cart Discounts can be applied in two ways:

  • Relative value: a percentage-based discount, for example, 20% off on all handbags
  • Absolute value: an absolute value discount, for example, $10 off the total of a Cart

The maximum number of Product Discounts that can be active at the same time is 500.
The number of active Cart Discounts that do not require a Discount Code is limited to 100.

Discount ranking and stacking

The Rank (sortOrder) field in Product and Cart Discounts accepts any value between 0 to 1, with as many decimal points as needed. The value closer to 1 ranks higher and determines the order to apply Discounts:

  • Product Discounts: only the highest ranked Product Discount applies
  • Cart Discounts: all active and applicable Cart Discounts apply in order (from the highest to lowest rank)
  • Discount codes do not have a Rank (sortOrder) field