View and work on Quote Requests and Quotes.

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This feature is available in public beta on the Quote Requests API and Quotes API.

A Quote is a legally binding offer between a Buyer and Seller that is an outcome of a request for a Quote. The usual workflow is as follows:

  1. In their storefront, a Buyer adds Products Variants to the Cart for which a Quote is to be requested. The Cart is used as a container for the Quote.

  2. The Buyer then sends the request for a Quote to the Seller.

  3. As a Seller, you can view the incoming Quote Request and either accept or reject it. If accepted you can prepare the Quote from the Merchant Center and send it to the Buyer.

  4. The Buyer is notified of the incoming Quote and can then accept, reject, or renegotiate the Quote. An accepted Quote is then turned into an Order.

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    Quote renegotiation is only possible using the Quotes API.

Quotes interface

The Quotes interface is divided into two:

  • Quote list: displays a segregated list of Quotes based on their status:

    • Final quotes: displays Quotes finalized for Buyers and are awaiting their response.
    • Draft quotes: displays editable Quotes that have not been finalized yet.
  • Requests for Quote: displays a segregated list of Quote Requests based on their status:

    • New: displays new incoming Quote Requests from Buyers.
    • Accepted: displays Quote Requests you accepted.
    • Rejected: displays Quote Requests you rejected.
    • Cancelled: displays Quote Requests withdrawn by Buyers.

Create a Quote

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You can only create one Quote for each Quote Request.

To create a Quote, do the following:

  1. Go to Orders > Quotes in the Merchant Center main menu, and then click the Requests for Quote tab.

  2. From the New tab, select the Quote Request and click Accept.

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    Rejecting a Quote Request ends the negotiation, and no further action is possible on it.

  3. In the dialog, click Create quote to continue to create the Quote.
    If you click Do later, you can access the Quote from the Accepted tab and then create the Quote.

  4. If you agree to the terms of the Quote, click Save > Finalize quote. If you choose to edit the terms of the Quote, see Edit a Quote.

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    A finalised Quote cannot be edited after it has been sent to a Buyer.

Edit a Quote

To edit a Quote, do the following:

  1. In the Create quote pane, you can optionally do the following:

    • In the Items and discount section, you can adjust the Line Item quantity and select the type of discount to be applied:

      • quote level discount: discounts the entire Cart by a percentage. A Cart is used as container for the Quote or treated as equivalent to the Quote.
      • line item level discount: discounts Line Items by an absolute amount or relatively (rounded half downExternal link icon in favor of the Buyer).
        The discount is calculated on the net price (without tax) of the Line Item.
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      Applying a discount overwrites any existing Cart Discount from the Quote list, and also removes gift Line Items added with the Cart Discount.

      Quote-level discount applied to Line Items included in the Quote.

    • In the Shipping info section, apply a relative or absolute discount on the Shipping Method.
      The shipping cost displayed can include taxes depending on the Tax Category configured for the Products. A breakdown of the estimated taxes is displayed in the Quote summary section.

    • In the Expiration date section, add an expiration date for the Quote.

    • In the Notes section, add a note for the Buyer.

  2. If you click Do later, the Quote draft can be accessed from the Draft quotes tab.
    To finalize the Quote, click Finalize quote. The Buyer is notified of the incoming Quote, provided they have implemented a Subscription.