Manage storefront Product order

Manage the storefront display order of Products within a Category.

Use the Manage storefront order page to control the display order of individual Products within a Category.

When you modify the display order using the Merchant Center, the CategoryOrderHints value on the Products API is automatically updated for each modified Product.

View the display order of Products

  1. In the Merchant Center main menu, go to Categories > Category list.

  2. Select the Category.

  3. Click the Products tab.

  4. Click Manage storefront order.

    The Manage storefront order page only displays Products directly assigned to the selected Category.

The Product list displays the first 100 Products belonging to a Category, ordered by their CategoryOrderHints value.

Modify the display order of Products

To modify the display order of Products on your storefront, drag each Product to your desired position and click Save.

To discard any changes made since the last save, click Revert changes.