Merchant Center has changed its URL

Use new Merchant Center URLs for Europe and North America.

To better indicate the Region in which the Merchant Center is operating, new Merchant Center URLs have been introduced for Google Cloud in North America and Europe:

old URL new URL

This change does not affect the functionality of the Merchant Center itself, only existing bookmarks to these URLs need to be updated.

The old URLs will be accessible until the end of September 2020, but we recommend using the new URLs from now on. For this, the following three migration steps need to be done only once.

Migration to the new URLs

  1. Click Proceed now to get logged out from the current Merchant Center URL. Screenshot 24 July 2020

  2. You get redirected to the new Merchant Center URL. Fill in your usual credentials and click Login. Bildschirmfoto 11 May 2020

  3. After logging in on the new Merchant Center URL you can continue working as usual. Please make sure to save the new Merchant Center URL. Screenshot 10 June 2020