Merchant Center

The Merchant Center is an administration application for the commercetools platform which allows you to manage every aspect of a commercetools project. This section contains documentation on how to use the Merchant Center and its features.


  • Product List : The Product List helps you manage and search for products in your commercetools project.
  • Review Modified Products : Review and edit, revert, or publish pending changes on products.
  • Advanced Product Search : Advanced searching using the product list.



  • Product Types : Managing Product Types in the Merchant Center
  • Quick Access : An easy navigation across the Merchant Center.
  • Project Settings : Project Settings configure specifics about a project, like tax rates, shipping zones, and more.
  • API Clients : You can create and delete API Clients for use with the commercetools platform in the Merchant Center.

Projects and Organizations

  • Accounts : Information on account signup and password recovery
  • Projects : Projects are sets of data and store configuration settings.
  • Organizations : Organizations help you manage your commercetools projects.
  • Teams : Teams group members of your organization into logical units that you can assign permissions to.
  • User Permissions : Permissions let you choose what parts of a Merchant Center project a team's members can see and edit.
  • Single Sign-On : Using single sign-on for the Merchant Center


  • Dashboard : Displaying relevant information concerning your Project.
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