Projects are sets of Product data and Store configuration settings.

A Project is a distinct set of Product data and Store configuration settings that belong to a single Organization. A single Project can provide the data for multiple selling Channels.

Users must belong to a Team with appropriate permissions to access a Project.

Learn more about setting up Projects in our self-paced Organizations, Teams, and Projects module.

Create a Project

You can create Projects only in the Merchant Center. To create a Project, do the following:

  1. Click the profile icon and select Manage projects.

  2. Click Create new project.

  3. Select an option based on your requirement:

    • To use your own data in your Project, select Start from scratch.
    • To include sample data in your Project, select Start with sample data. The sample data provides you with product data and store configuration settings to help you understand how everything fits together.
  4. Enter the values for the following fields:

    • Organization name: the Organization the Project belongs to
    • Project name: the Project's display name
    • Project key: the Project's key
      By default, Merchant Center suggests a Project key, but you can replace it as needed. The key must be unique and between 2 and 36 characters long. It can only contain alphanumeric characters (a-Z, 0-9), underscores (_), and hyphens (-) and must not be one of the reserved words local, admin, or config.
  5. Click Complete.

After creating a new Project, configure permissions for the Team that needs access to the Project.

All Projects are created as 60-day trials that are not in production. For more information, see Activate a trial Project and Mark a Project as in production.

Configure Project settings

After creating a Project, we recommend configuring the Project Settings. Go to Settings > Project Settings and configure the following:

  • Currencies: the currencies used on Product Prices, shipping rates, Tax Rates, and Discounts
  • Languages: the languages used to label and describe information on Products, Categories, etc.
  • Countries: the countries in which your products are available
  • Shipping rate controls: the setting that determines if shipping rate is fixed or tiered

Switch between Projects in an Organization

You can use the Project switcher drop-down at any time to switch between Projects you have access to.

Project switcher to switch between Projects in Merchant Center.

Manage Projects

Administrators can view and manage Projects you’ve been added to from the Manage projects screen. The Filter by organization drop-down helps Administrators who manage a large number of Projects to filter and view Projects in a specific Organization.

Delete a Project

You can only delete Projects that are not marked as in production. Deleted Projects cannot be recovered. The Project names can be re-used, however, Project keys are unique and cannot be re-used.

To delete a Project, do the following:

  1. Click the profile icon and select Manage projects.
  2. Click the Delete project icon in the Project row.
  3. Enter the respective Project key and click Delete project.

Activate a trial Project

If a Project is not activated at the end of the 60-day trial, it is marked with a Trial Ended flag. The Project data would be available in the Merchant Center, but you cannot obtain API tokens for the Project or make API calls.

To activate a Project, contact our Support team.

Mark a Project as in production

The In production flag lets our Support team know that a Project is live and accepting traffic from customers. By default, this flag is deactivated for all Projects that are created.

To mark a Project as in production, contact our Support team.

Example of a live Project marked as in production.

Transfer a Project to another Organization

To transfer a Project to another Organization, contact our Support team.