Projects are sets of data and store configuration settings.

A commercetools project is a distinct set of product data and store configuration settings. A single project can provide the data for multiple selling channels.

Projects belong to a single organization in commercetools. To access a project, a Merchant Center user must be in a team with the appropriate permissions.

Create a Project

You can only create projects from the Merchant Center.

  1. In the top navigation, open the user menu and select Manage Projects. manage-projects

  2. Click the Add Project button.

  3. Fill in the following fields:

    • Name: the project's display name.
    • Key: the project's key. By default the Merchant Center suggests a project key, but you can override this as needed. The project key must be unique. It can only contain alphanumeric characters (a-Z, 0-9), underscores and hyphens (_ -) and it must be between 2 and 36 characters long.
    • Organization: the commercetools organization the project belongs to.
  4. Click Create.

    After creating a new project, configure its User Permissions for the Administrator's team.

All Projects are created as 60 day trials which are not in production. For more information, see Activate a trial project and Mark a project as in production.

Switch between Projects in an Organization

At any time, use the drop-down menu in the main navigation to switch between commercetools projects you have access to.


Configure Project properties

After creating a project, we recommend configuring the direct properties of a project.

Some, like the project name, are set during project creation. To configure the others, navigate to Settings > Project Settings after creating a project and configure the following:

  • Currencies: the currencies used on product prices, shipping rates, tax rates and discounts.
  • Languages: the languages used to label and describe information on products, categories, etc.
  • Countries: the countries in which your products are available.
  • Shipping rate controls: the tiered shipping rate setting, if the feature is enabled.

Manage Projects

You can see which projects you've been added to by navigating to the Manage Projects screen. Here, you can delete or edit a project's name.

You can use the Filter by organization drop down list to see projects in a specific organization. This is helpful for administrators who manage a large number of commercetools projects.

Delete a Project

You cannot delete a project marked In Production. Once you delete a project, it is not recoverable. Project keys cannot be re-used; if you delete a project you cannot have a new one with the same key, only the project name can be the same.

  1. In the main menu bar, open the user menu and select Manage Projects.
  2. Find the project you want to delete and click the trash icon on the right.
  3. Type the project's project key in and click the Delete project button. delete-project

Activate a trial Project

All projects are created as limited 60 day trials.

After 60 days, project data is still available in the Merchant Center, but you cannot:

  • Obtain API tokens for a project.
  • Make API calls.

Additionally, after the 60 day trial period, if a project is not activated it is marked with a Trial Ended flag.

To activate a project, contact our Support team.

Mark a Project as in production

All projects are created without the In Production flag set. The In Production flag lets the commercetools Support team know that a project is live and accepting traffic from customers.


To mark a project as in production, contact our Support team.

Transfer a Project to another Organization

To transfer a project to another organization, contact our Support team.

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